Shreyanshi Traders Blog Latest Products Sat, 24 Feb 2024 15:32:04 +0530 en-us Camphor Is Very Useful In Many Industries And Is Very Beneficial Tue, 22 Feb 2022 17:10:26 +0530 Sometimes when you enter into the worship room of your house you can smell the lovely smell of camphor wafting from it. It is used in most Indian households as an item of worship. It is available as tablets and is mostly used in that form. Now have you ever wondered how that camphor was made?   What Is Camphor? Camphor is a highly flammable object that is waxy and solid in nature. It has a very pungent and strong aroma. This camphor is taken from the wood of the camphor laurel tree which is a very big evergreen tree that is native to South East Asia. Not only are the camphor laurel tree but there some other trees from that family which can produce the substance – camphor. It can also be found in the Kapur tree, also a native of South East Asia.   Many trees like the rosemary and camphorweed also contain camphor. But the most important source of camphor in Asia is the camphor basil. But with the advent of modern technology, camphor can be artificially produced also today. It is manufactured from turpentine oil.   The Process Of Manufacturing Of Camphor For many centuries now, camphor is known to mankind as a blessing of nature found in the forests. The wood that is taken from the trees that have been mentioned above is cut into small chips and roasted. It is then made to pass through steam in a pressed form. The vapours that are released as a consequence are then condensed.     But this method of obtaining camphor depleted the resources with only Taiwan and Japan having large reserves of trees to manufacture camphor in other forms as well as white Camphor powder. So the artificial method was introduced to fill in the demand-supply gap.    Although it is not a very good substitute for the natural camphor, yet the world has to make do with the artificial variety because of its near extinction and depletion from the reserves of most countries.   Uses Of Camphor Camphor has a high sublimating property that makes it suitable for use in certain industries. It is used in the plastic industry as a plasticizer to make celluloid and lacquers.    Again camphor is used in the pesticide manufacturing industry. Camphor has toxicity and a pungent smell that acts as a deterrent to insects and pests. For keeping pests and insects away from clothes and cupboards, mothballs will do, but sometimes camphor is also used in its place. The oil that is extracted from camphor helps to keep away the fiery red ants by debilitating their attacking, feeding and climbing abilities.   It is also used as a fumigant and in religious worships & various festivals. It has antimicrobial properties that make it suitable as an embalming agent as was used by the ancient Egyptians for their mummies.   When in the solidified form, it releases a fume that prevents rust-prone items from rusting because of the coating that it makes on the item. So, when storing tools and various other items, which are rust-prone, make sure to put a few balls or tablets of camphor.   The perfume industry also uses camphor as an ingredient in its manufacturing process.  Camphor also had a great number of uses in the culinary world of some ancient civilizations. But one very important usage of camphor is in the medicinal world. It can relieve pain, clear congestions in the respiratory tract and act as an analgesic.   Where To Find Camphor? Camphor can be found in the country today with many white Camphor powder Suppliers who are actively involved in ensuring that there is no dearth in the supply. Camphor Tablets: How is Beneficial for Your Health? Fri, 29 Apr 2022 16:11:56 +0530 A terpene, camphor is in huge demand by the industries involved in the making of lotions, ointments and creams. Camphor oil is derived from the camphor tree wood and its processing is done through steam distillation. Om Sai camphor tablets are defined by a rich taste and a strong aroma both of which can be absorbed by the skin easily. They can be largely used to reduce itching, irritation and pain. You can also use camphor to relieve all kinds of inflammatory conditions and congestion in the chest.    Camphor and Why Do We Need it? Camphor has a vast array of topical uses, thanks to its anti-inflammatory, antifungal and antibacterial properties. You can use camphor to treat respiratory conditions, skin conditions and reduce pain.    Camphor Benefits for Your Skin:- Lotions and creams infused with camphor can relieve itchiness and skin irritation. Moreover, camphor formulated creams and lotions can also improve your overall skin appearance. Camphor is known for antifungal and antibacterial properties, no wonder it is known to heal all types of infections. Camphor is also effective in wrinkles induced by ultraviolet light and wounds. It might be because of camphor’s ability to produce collagen and increase elasticity.   Camphor Can Reduce Your Pain:- Applying camphor to your skin can reduce pain and relief inflammation. All kinds of spray that comprise eucalyptus, clove, essential oils, menthol and camphor can give you relief from all kinds of pain. Right after applying camphor, you might feel either cooling, warming or even a tingling sensation.   Camphor Heals Burn Injuries:- Camphor infused creams and balms can heal all kinds of wounds related to burns. Ointment with camphor in it can reduce the inflammation due to burning. Apply ointments containing camphor at least once on the affected area to get results.   Camphor Is Beneficial for Arthritis:- Camphor products might show their effectiveness in reducing all the symptoms associated with arthritis-like swelling, inflammation and pain. The cool or warm sensation that you get right after applying the camphor to your skin can keep your mind distracted for a while. Camphor is also known to be loaded with anti-inflammatory properties that treat arthritis.   Camphor Relieves You from Coughing and Congestion:- Camphor oil works both as a cough suppressant and a decongestant. According to studies, vapour rubs with camphor in it can relieve sleep difficulties, upper respiratory tract conditions, congestion and more.   Camphor Works as an Antispasmodic:- Products made from camphor is also used to rub muscles and can help bring relief to stiffness, spasms, muscle cramps and more. As per studies, camphor is loaded with relaxant and antispasmodic properties.   Some Other Uses of Camphor:- Camphor has various other uses; camphor oil for instance is largely used for the treatment of: • Heart disease symptoms • Haemorrhoids • Cold sores • Earaches • Warts • Acne • Hair loss • Flatulence • Anxiety • Depression • Low libido Camphor can help you in various ways. When using Om Sai camphor tablets make sure to follow the manufacturer’s label and instructions to stay safe. As for queries and concerns related to camphor, you can always seek advice and suggestion from your health care provider. Slight Cognizance About The Character Of Camphor Thu, 28 Jul 2022 10:34:18 +0530 There are countless things available in this world which have miraculous benefits and mankind from time to time have traced and used them for their well-being. One of those phenomenal elements is the camphor which essentially delivers significant improvement in the multi-dimensional spheres of life.   Camphor Camphor is a transparent solid which is waxy in nature and subliminally inflammable. It is obtained from the Kapur tree subtly from its wood and bark. It’s well-recognised for its aromatic property and has unmatchable features altogether. However, in the market synthetic camphor is also available which is extensively extracted or manufactured from turpentine oil. To get the most of its benefits one must go for the pure Shri Ram camphor slab which on the same hand is also very competitive in the price range. Usages and Benefits Of The Camphor Slab Well, certainly camphor slab is best suited to the B2B system and one must carefully look up to the Shri Ram camphor slab manufacturers and keenly checklist the ingredients. However, the various usages of the camphor slab are mentioned below which will straighten up the choices of the buyers consequently:  1) Medicinal Purpose: Camphor has unbeatable medicinal benefits and is extensively used in the pharma industry. Camphor is a boon for skin problems, in treating the cold and cough and even nostril irritation, breathing problems and hence is majorly used in the manufacturing of the same. Not to mention that in Indian Civilization it has acquired a special place in various home remedies and been cleared all the benchmarks so far. 2) Aromatic And Cosmetic Properties: Another laudable feature is its aromatic and cosmetic properties due to its pleasing aroma it is used in various products like perfume, scents and so on. Other than this as it does wonders to the skin it is one of the major ingredients in various beauty and cosmetic products. Not only does it prove to be effective but also heals the skin in a multi-dimensional manner. 3) Ritual Performance: In various religions, especially in Hinduism all the rituals, poojas and ceremonies are widely initiated by burning the camphor, not only does it spread a soothing aroma but also is believed to remove the negative energy from the indulges of the fire element.   4) Pain Killer: As already mentioned that it heals the skin, however, in addition to this when applied to swollen skin it also reduces the same and retard the pain. Hence, it also acts as an effective pain killer and reduces inflammation. 5) Triggers Sleep: People suffering from sleepless nights can be fortunate enough to use this as it is a good stimulus for sleep and give you significant relaxation on the same. So, the most convenient way is to use camphor for eliminating disturbing issues like lack of sleep. From the above discussion, there is no doubt regarding the capability of the camphor and therefore to deliver the best last product to the customers without compromising with the quality one must go for the pure form of the same by searching up the Shri Ram camphor slab suppliers and land for the best money-making deals. How The Fumes Of Smokeless Camphor Slab Is Useful In Daily Life? Sat, 08 Oct 2022 17:07:09 +0530 Camphor is a white crystalline, waxy texture with a solid transparent look with a strong aroma. Traditionally, this flammable compound was obtained from the distillation of bark and wood of camphor tree. These days synthetic camphor is also produced from the oil of turpentine. The term Camphor is derived from the French word Camphire. In Latin, it is called Camfora and the Arabic name is Kafur, while in Sanskrit it is called Karpoor and Kapoor in Hindi. It is highly used in Yagya rituals and also used in daily Aarti rituals.  Smokeless Camphor slab burns itself out without leaving any residue. It signifies the inherent tendencies which burn themselves out completely without leaving traces of ego when we submit ourselves before the fire of knowledge. Smokeless Camphor from a reputable smokeless camphor slab manufacturer is completely free from chemicals and widely used in various Hindu religious ceremonies. Smokeless camphor slabs are made of superior quality to enhance your overall puja experience.  Since ancient times, people have used camphor while worshipping in temples or at home. Being a holy substance, even today most Hindu families use Camphor balls while performing the puja ceremony. However, apart from using it in religious parts, it can also be useful in treating many diseases. According to Ayurveda, Camphor has antimicrobial and anti-bacterial properties that are very helpful in curing many ailments.  Smokeless Camphor slabs are often used as a natural room freshener which serves many other purposes-  Keep Away Mosquitoes It is extremely useful in getting rid of mosquitos in your surroundings, especially during the rainy season. Camphor has a natural mosquito-repellent capability. All you need to do is light the camphor in your room and close all the doors and Windows for 10 minutes to get the mosquito-free space.  Get rid of Insects and Ants Camphor is also effective in eliminating ants and insects as it acts as a natural insecticide. Make a camphor powder and dissolve it in water. Now spray it all over the area wherever you see the ants.  Purify the environment  Burning smokeless camphor in your room is an effective way of killing germs. It also helps in purifying the air in your surroundings.  Relief from damp smell Spraying camphor powder mixed with your favourite fragrant essential oil can reduce the foul or damp smell during monsoon to keep your home odor free.  Keep Your Mind Calm Camphor slab from a renowned smokeless camphor slab supplier is quite effective in keeping the mind calm and releasing stress. It helps in soothing your tense nerves and brings peace to your mind.  Some of the crucial aspects that need to be considered while choosing the best smokeless camphor slab manufacturer-  They should have a well-appointed manufacturing facility to ensure top-quality standards by global norms.  They should have a team of skilled experts working for the betterment of the company by performing market research to find a good idea of the wishes of the customers.  They should be able to give the right product ranges which have a high chance to meet the modern needs of the clients. They should have the assistance of a talented and professional workforce who ensure they finish the job within the agreed period. They should have a wide distribution network to make sure of the on-time delivery to the destination of the clients.   They should ensure excellent quality smokeless camphor slabs at market-leading prices.  Conclusion    It is always recommended to use a smokeless camphor slab instead of normal camphor. Smokeless Camphor Slab is a great way to enjoy the benefits of camphor without any Smokey smell which might cause discomfort to many people. Thus, buying smokeless camphor from a smokeless camphor slab manufacturer is an effective way to keep yourself and your loved ones safe from negative energies.